Shooting Day

Shooting day is always my favourite day. Dont get me wrong, I love my job! But, you only notice your growth when suddently, you see the models looking amazing  and all dolled up with your clothes. It sounds super glamourous and amazing when you look in the picture...but in the backstage of every shoot (at least, the ones I do), its CRAZY.

Imagining preparing a photoshoot for a week, talking to your whole team (which is amazing) and everything looks good and well organized... untill , you arrive to the set and guess what?  The weather is awfull.Cloudy,windy and oh of course, cold as hell! But the show must go on , right? At least,thats what we did!

We did the models makeup in the car because it was sooo cold and windy... and of course,the funniest moment was when I was fixing Erica’s (one of the models ) hair near the road and suddently, lost my balance and fell on the ground with a can of hairspray in my hand, which it was hilariousss because I looked like a dead cockroach.

So, Erica, very kindly, helped the cockroach getting back on track and off we went! Hair and makeup done , clothes looking good and our new best friend, wind in action ,as well! The models were almost killing me because of the cold and after each look wore sweaters I brought, thanks to my intuition .

My boyfriend that usually gives me moral support and its kind of my assistant/video maker , sat his ass on his confy and warm car sit, to listen to a “big important” football match in the radio, so no assistant/video maker for me...the weirdest thing is that he became an "influencer" to the everyone in the shoot and most people would sit their bums in the car... so you can imagine, the crazy and funny scene (a car full of people and 3 crazy girls in the wind doing a shoot)!

Now, imagine the models happy faces , when I said : okay girls, lets do the last look! Honestly, it looked like they won the lottery or were kids on Christmas morning... what should a girl do about that? I guess just go with the flow and maybe next time , tell them in every look its the last one , so they can be that excited and happy!

After finishing our shoot , we packed everything (not in the nice and tiddy way) and said goodbye to Guincho with smiles (big ones) and curiosity to see how did the pics turned out!

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