Our story

Every business has a story and this is Salyne's. 

I started planning Salyne when I was still taking my fashion course. Somehow, a fun task became the beggining of what I call now, my job. 

My parents always knew I wanted to be a fashion designer, I love fashion and art since I can remember. However, they were shocked when I told them I was going to build my own brand. They had no idea how to help me out because they didnt know anything or anyone in the fashion world.

So, to support my dream, they gave me a small amount of money and said: If you are so sure of your dream, make this money "grow". And so I did.

At the time, fabrics were too expensive and seamstresses too. So, I started selling vintage and giving a second life to beautifull pieces of clothing.

My first "batches" of vintage clothing, doubled my money in a few months and I was finnally ready to buy my first fabrics.

After 2 or 3 months I was preparing everything to launch my first capsule collection.

The day I launched, I felt like it was my first day at school. Months and months of hard work,were now going to pay off or maybe not.

Fortunately, the universe was kind to me and the first fabric I ever bought and designed became a hit! I would get tons of comments, like I never did on Instagram. People had their eyes and ears turned just for my fabric.

I felt like everything Ive been through (hard months,mistakes I made and rude and unprofessional people I worked with), went all down the drain, because I was finnally selling MY clothes and nothing else mattered.

Now,Salyne is growing at its own pace. 

We have been featured in an amazing NYC fashion magazine and had the chance to present Salyne on TV, which for me was a dream come true.

Now, more than ever I can define Salyne. 

We are a sustainable brand inspired by the sea. Every piece is made with love and fair trade. We dont care about the pressure of creating a product every month and we only work with sustainable fabrics or sustainable companies.

We also dont believe in trends, just people liking and buying clothes because it matches their personality.